Do I risk coronavirus exposure from shopping for a car?

Should the Coronavirus Outbreak Keep Me from Buying a Car? Not at all. The fear of the Corona-virus should not keep you from buying a car. 

No more than in any other public place — and a lot less risk than a major supermarket, since a dealership is unlikely to be a close or crowded space.


What we are doing to keep you safe:

Deep cleaning and disinfecting all our Sites

All our Dealerships are following updates from the government and public Health England and taking all precautions, so we can protect our Customers.

We are avoiding handshakes and maintaining your personal space.

Hand washing and hand sanitisers are available for all our Customers.

We use alcohol wipes disinfecting cars you would like to test drive.

All our cars are having a 4 point deep clean to help
protect all our customers.

  • All soft fabrics in Vehicles are Steam Cleaned
  • We are using Lysol Based Sanitisers to clean all surfaces in our Car interiors
  • Our Valet Staff are now wearing protective clothing
  • All vehicles are cleaned after every test Drive.


Still worried?

You can limit time with other people in our dealerships by purchasing your car online from our Website.
We hold over a hundred cars in stock.
If you still can’t find what you are looking for We can source in any vehicle for you.
You can do almost all the handling of the buying process with one of our Sales Executives online either by WhatsApp , as well as your choice of financing, online or via email. once you know just what you want.

We now offer a service that will Deliver your Car directly to your home Free of Charge.

Buy Now Pay Later

Because we realise this is an uncertain time for everyone, We are now offering a buy now pay later on our vehicles. Please call us for further information.


Re-finance? For Cheaper Payment on Existing Finance.

We Don’t really know what is going to happen in the next couple of months, So we would also like to help our existing customers with their Car finance. Please call one of our Sales executives for further information.